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Jeffrey Burke I have been in the health and nutrition field for over three decades. In August 2012 I was inducted into the Nevada Broadcasting Hall Of Fame. It was an amazing honor to be recognized for doing what I love to do, and being honored at the Gala event was an evening I will always remember.

I enjoy many things in life that helps to give me balance like traveling, lecturing and doing radio shows around the country in many different markets. Generally, spreading the WORD on nutrition on a national level has been a goal and dream of mine for many years, and living this dream, as it unfolds, is incredible. Traveling to different places, meeting a wide array of people while learning about their needs, likes and dislikes, allows me the ability to pass this information onto others that may be in the same health situation. Knowledge truly is important for great health, and having the most up to date information is key.

I am very excited to be doing 10 radio shows weekly from Las Vegas that are heard locally, around the state and around the world, as the shows stream live worldwide. I am also doing a new show in Atlanta 5 times weekly. Both shows are now archived here on the site to make listening even more convenient. My shows bring the most up to date information on the highest quality products, and resources to help all of us live a better quality of life. My shows bring to you the top guests in the health and nutrition industry to the airwaves every month. This allows my listeners to learn, and increase their own personal knowledge from the best of the best and the movers and shakers in the health industry.

I hope you can tune unto my shows, attend my lectures and visit this web site often. I promise to keep you informed, entertained and enlightened, and hopefully you will put yourself in the priority position and transition to a healthy quality of life.

Jeffrey Burke ND, MH, CHS, CNC
Jeffrey Burke Media
Radio Host - Guest Lecturer - Educator

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Stay Healthy
Staying Healthy!

Based out of Fabulous Las Vegas! A twice daily one hour radio show covering everything from vitamins and supplements to diets, lifestyles and feeling good.

Live on NBC Sports 920-AM Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 9:00am and again from 4:00pm to 5:00pm (Pacific).

Irwin Life
Irwin Life

Out of beautiful Atlanta, GA!
A once daily half hour radio show dedicated to bringing you the latest from Irwin Naturals.

Live on WAEC 860AM
Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 9:30am (Eastern).

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